Could there be a worse image in your head at the prospect of mixing a cappuchino and a nappy?
still this is the name of the local events which promote using real nappies. Real nappies are not just not virtual they are nappies which you don't throw away, even when they are very soiled. Instead you wash them, dry them and start again. Doesn't sound too bad? I have used them a majority of the time with my four children and it was OK, nappies are no longer terry squares, pins and plastic pants. They are now all velcro funky soft and nice. with a modern washing machine they don't need soaking, and you can even tumble dry most(mucks up your carbon footprint though).
So, I was at said Nappichino today, and 2cr Journalist was there, I did a little interview which was in 'drivetime' this evening. Publicity mad Emma was there too and was also on the radio,
here are some examples of nice nappiesPS
Many forward thinking councils give money to parents who are purchasing real nappies, as it helps them to save money in landfill tax.


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