Breastfeeding Manifesto

My lovely friend Alison Baum was also at No 11 with me the other day - she was in a different category, Health and social care, and she won! this is what they say about the campaign.....
Best Beginnings
Alison formed Best Beginnings, a campaign working to break-down the inequalities that exist within the area of infant feeding. Alison argues that there are strong health benefits associated with breast feeding both for mother and child. Best Beginnings is also the founder member of the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition, consisting of thirty organisations. In the short time Alison has been campaigning, she has recruited cross-party champions to help her promote her breastfeeding manifesto.

Both La Lech League (who I am a breastfeeding counsellor with) and Baby milk action ( who I am a Director of ) are members of the Breastfeeding manifesto coalition, so I was really pleased that Alison won, I think the manifesto could achieve so much of what has been campaigned for so its great news.


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