You may be living in an HMO if you live in a house or flat that is occupied by more than one household. This could include: Bedsits, houses and flatshares, with separate tenancy agreements, hostels and B&B’s that are not just for holidays.
It is not always easy to work out whether you live in an HMO or not. If unsure, contact us.
HMO landlord responsibilities
fire safety alarms in place
property not to be overcrowded
adequate cooking and washing facilities
communal areas and shared facilities are clean and in good repair
enough rubbish bins.
HMO’s need to be registered with the council if at least three storeys high and containing five or more people. The council will consider if the property is large enough for the occupants and well managed.
A landlord can be prosecuted if their HMO falls within this definition but is not registered with the council.


Anonymous said...

You cannot blame Landlords for the problems of Boscombe. It is frankly ridiculous to suggest that they are all the font of all that is bad with the area. And before you start attacking bedsits may i remind you that under the new local housing allowance rules unemployed people under the age of 35 from next year will only be entitled to a single room supplement from local housing allowance, in other words the govenment will only pay for a bedsit for anyone under the age of 35, so do you still want to close down bedsits? bedsits provide a valuable service to thos epeople who have limited budgets, and those that are looking for short term lets, or maybe work brings them into the area for a short time. Houses in multiple occupation are already licensed in law and fines of up to £20000 are enforced for non licensed problems, Bournemouth has one of the best public protection teams and enviromental health teams in the UK, If you want to make some sort of effort in anti social behaviour in homes help landlords to get rid of bad tenants as well as bad landlords, you cannot just attack the landlord and its normally always a non landlord that attacks landlords having no idea of the hoops he/she ahs to jump through to get rid of anti social tenants, Be hard on bad landlords, but what is wrong with being hard on bad tenants as well?

Anonymous said...

Did not mean to provide last email as annon, but not sure as to how i id myself on comment page

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