Boscombe Crescent - Railings or not?

There has been much discussion recently about the new plans for Boscombe Crescent. The plans were drawn up after several consultative workshops and a successful request for 50k from the council.

When the plans were submitted for planning permission there was an objection from a local resident who felt that the railings would not make the area feel safer as desired and may instead make people feel hemmed in and unlikely to walk through the area and more likely to walk around the area.

One point also made was that the railings put up in St James Square around 5 years ago to improve the area are soon to be removed at the request of residents to make the area more opened up and welcoming.

There are now going to be 3 plans drawn up and consulted on. With railings, with partial railings and with no railings.

The consultation will be at a meeting on 1pm on Saturday, 5th February in the Partnership Office, Roumelia Lane.  And on the 12th February the Parks Team will be on the Crescent asking people using the site for their opinions.


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