Fantastic news Aisha reunited with her mother!

I had a phone call last night from Leila's mum in Bournemouth to tell me that Leila's baby Aisha has been found by the police and is now back in her mothers arms. 

The little girl, who was not much more than a baby almost a year ago when she was snatched by her father during a contact visit in Egypt, doesn't speak any english and hardly recognises her mother.

I am over the moon that Leila has finally got her daughter in her arms again, her case grabbed the heartstrings of so many local people who write over 100 letters to help to keep the attention of the authorities on the case. Leila was so worried that her daughter would be forgotten and the kindness of Bournemouth people has helped to keep her going through an incredibly difficult time.

I am looking forward to meeting Leila and her baby as we have only spoken on the phone!


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