Tesco windmills

Turbines for Bournemouth Tesco get go-ahead (From Thisisdorset) http://bit.ly/5oqBkY

I am no fan of Tesco and suspect that as the turbines, which have been described by Tesco as potentially becoming local landmarks and inspiring people to 'thinkgreen' that this might be more realistically called a 'greenwash'. 

However I did think it was amusing that the main concern of the planners was reported as being the noise that might be generated, According to the Echo, The white turbines, designed by Italian company Ropatec to be as quiet as possible, do not have a gearbox or a braking system, and this seems to have put the inspectors mind at rest. 

Did anyone notice the several lanes of traffic passing by the site? All of course with gearboxes and braking systems!


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