Boscombe Cliff Gardens Revamp - Starts today!

Much eeded improvements start today on Boscombe Cliff Gardens, the parks team have beenhave been struggling for the past number of years with a variety of pests and diseases that have proved extremely resistant to chemical treatments and as such have decided to totally replant the main Italianate borders. Including in this works shall be a re-gravelling and slating on the arid side of the gardens as well as some tree works and a general raise in the look of the Gardens. This is being funded by 106 contributions from local developments.

Major works are planned for a revamp of Boscombe Cliff Gardens these shall comprise of :-

Arid Garden –

Re-establishment of the gravel and slate river bed
Replanting of some of the specimen shrubs
Pruning of Holm Oak trees (to provide more light and thicken screen)

Italianate Garden

Clearance and replanting of central shrub beds
Clearance of roses and replanting
Establishment of new shrub beds

These works are needed to combat the infestation of Box Blight that is affecting the hedging and Sawfly and Blackspot affecting the roses


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