Planning application - deadline 23-May-2008

1 St Johns Road
Erection of a single storey extension to form 3 study/bedrooms
European Equities

deadline for comment: 23/05/2008
full details on the Council website

Planning applications - deadline 10-May-2008

4 Florence Road
Erection of a 3 storey block of 12 flats with associated parking, bin and cycle stores (resubmission)
Dave Wells Properties

deadline for comment: 16/05/2008
full details on the Council website
previous application (refused 29/2/08)

19 Drummond Road
Formation of vehicular access.
PD Properties

deadline for comment: 10/05/2008
full details on the Council website

Bike Hire

Julie on a Boscalicious bike!

Go Green in Boscombe

Sunday 1st June 2008
Go green in Boscombe and the launch of Boscombe in Bloom.
Come along and see the Precinct turned into a Summer Garden Party, with stalls and entertainment - everything you could want for your garden this summer!
Live artists will be working in full view of the public.
see more info on
Good news for this year...

Many residents and traders were concerned about the closure of the Ashley Rd bridge as this was set to happen in November - an important time for Christmas trading. The bridge is now not set to be worked on this year, but is likely to be deffered to next November 2009 instead. The good news is that improvements may mean better pedestrian access and improved driving conditions/safety. So watch this space!

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bournemouth Borough Council, under provisions contained in Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by The Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Procedure Regulations 1992, has resolved for a maximum period of 5 Days:

TO PROHIBIT ALL TRAFFIC PROCEEDING ON ROUMELIA LANE, REAR OF NO. 17 SEA ROAD, because works are to be executed on or near the highway for the purpose of a Public Utility Connection.

Bournemouth & West Hants Water will carry out the works.

Vehicular access to the properties will be maintained commensurate with progress of works and site safety.

The diversion for vehicles affected by this prohibition will be via Sea Road / Cecil Road / Adeline Road / Roumelia Lane.

It is envisaged that works will be completed between 22/04/08 and 23/04/08. However this prohibition by Notice will be effective for a maximum period of 5 Days from 22/04/08 until 27/04/08.

N.B: The restriction(s) in this Notice may be extended by a further Notice or an Order until such time as the works are complete.

The Council regrets any inconvenience to the public caused by this temporary prohibition.

Dated: DATE \@ "dd/MM/yy" 16/04/08

Head of Technical Services,
Town Hall Annexe, St. Stephen’s Road, Bournemouth, BH2 6EA

New trikes in use

The first person to try out one of of our new bikes is my ward colleague Cllr Chris Wakefield ! 
New Super wardens are now operating in Boscombe, They join the Wardens, the PCSO's and the police in a big team that keeps us all safe in Boscombe!
I have just been watching the "Real Hustle" on Iplayer... I think it is really sad that people who give others the benefit of the doubt are painted as gullible, it is after all those acts of goodwill that make a pleasant and strong community. I remember when I moved to Boscombe everyone said that it was a bad place and that i should be careful etc, I know the area well but a little anxious that I might have been naive I went off shopping to Lidl - At the till i realised that I hadn't bought enough money and was a couple of pounds short but immediately the young guy behind me insisted on giving me the money I was short. Not what I expected and an early example of the enormous amount of good will evident in my community. So.. ok the Real hustle might show me how I should never trust anyone but at the end of the day the karma bank way seems a better way to live!

The bikes arrive

Our 5 Christiania Bikes from Cpenhagan have just arrived! They are flat packed so will need assembling which is being done by the boys at the Hub cycle shop... updates as they progress!

Precinct cleaning

The schedule of precinct cleaning is underway in Boscombe

Preperations are underway for the widflower meadow in St Clements Churchyard
Bournemouth Borough Council has announced it has now placed orders for the specialist bags and webbing base for the construction of the artificial surf reef in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset.

The contracts with a total value of over £500,000 have been let with ELCO, the Australian-based geotextile* bag manufacturer and Unique, the New Zealand based webbing manufacturer. The companies have developed these specialised products in associated with ASR Ltd, the New Zealand-based company which has designed the reef.

The webbing base and 55 bags, which vary in length from 15 metres to 70 metres will cover an area the size of a football pitch, and be positioned underwater 225 metres out to sea to the east of Boscombe Pier.

The first of three consignments, which will include the webbing base and first section of the bottom layer of bags, will arrive in the UK at the end of May 2008, having travelled 12,000 miles (19,000 km) by sea.

The reef will be constructed during the summer months, when there are calmer sea conditions. The sand needed to construct the reef has been harvested from the beach replenishment programmes that took place in 2007 and 2008, and is being stored on Boscombe beach.

New Zealand-based Dr Kerry Black is the designer of the reef. ASR Ltd, Dr Kerry Black’s company, has been revealed as the constructor of the reef, on a performance-based contract, ensuring the reef will perform to pre-stated standards.

Stephen Macloughlin, Leader of Bournemouth Borough Council says: “The idea of building Europe’s first artificial surf reef in Boscombe, Bournemouth has been transformed from an exciting proposal, to a reality. The construction timetable is on track to allow the reef to be completed, providing there are favourable weather conditions, by the end of October this year.

As ASR Ltd has been commissioned on a performance-based contract to construct the reef, this is the most efficient, lowest-risk strategy for the Council and simply makes sense.”

Updates on the surf reef and the construction process can be found at

* Geo-textile bags are environmentally inert and so the material will not harm marine life. The outer layer of the bag is in a coarser material which will encourage colonization by marine life.

50's Children

wheatgass to you!

Ohh we have just started selling wheatgrass from our urban evolution website!

16 Walpole Road (southern corner of Carysfort Road)
Erection of 2/3 storey block of 8 flats, with bin/cycle stores and formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces- Resubmission
European Equities Plc

deadline for comment: 22/04/2008

full details on the Council website


Flat 5 27 Boscombe Spa Road
Installation of replacement windows
Mr D F Grimwood

deadline for comment: 02/05/2008

full details on the Council website