I have horrid vertigo in the top of the gods at the royal court
theatre in Liverpool . Aaahh

Planning applications - deadline 14-Apr-08

44-46 Knole Road (next to Bethany School)
Erection of a three storey block of 14 flats, cycle & bin stores, & formation of vehicular access & associated parking - Amendment to application no: 7-2005-21995 - Revised position for the bin and cycle stores
Mr D Wells

deadline for comment: 14/04/2008

full details on the Council website
original application - full details on the Council website

587 Christchurch Road (opposite The Opera House)
Change of use of ground floor from shop (Class A1) to amusement arcade (sui generis) with basement storage
Southern City Leisure

deadline for comment: 19/04/2008

full details on the Council website

577 Christchurch Road (ex-Lloyds Bank)
Enlargement of windows on ground floor.
European Equities

deadline for comment: 20/04/2008

full details on the Council website

Wedding Daze

I went along to the wedding exhibition at the Opera House last week, (I was just in town and it was free...) It was packed full of all those 'wedding essentials' that leave you £10k short but not really for anything that special... the Opera house is truely fab as a venue but perhaps out of the average price bracket. So unless you gan go the whole hog - frankly its more sensible to buy a house, why not go for the ironic retro wedding? this man had the idea first and was surely touting this car outside the exhibition for potential brides to be?


Looking something up on google earth the other day, I stumbled across a new craze that I had known nothing about...
Trampolines! Did Tesco have a job lot? they are some places you could jump from one to the other down a whole street! so.... a prize for the highest density neighbourhood!

oh... what if they are preparing for invasion??

or are they already here...receiving their supplies.....

planning applications - deadline 1-Apr-08


Land rear of 42 Hawkwood Road
Erection of a cycle store - Amendment to application 7-2007-9756-J
Signpost Homes Ltd

deadline for comment: 01/04/2008

full details of this application on the Council website
full details of the amended application (from sept '07) on the Council website


56 Palmerston Road
Erection of an advertisement hoarding.
European Equities Plc

deadline for comment: none published by the Council

full details of this application on the Council website


481 Christchurch Road (Opposite Hawkwood Road)
Change of use from office (Class A2) to shop (Class A1)- existing unauthorised
Fajny Sklep Ltd

deadline for comment: 06/04/2008

full details of this application on the Council website

77 Palmerston Road Alterations, two storey extension and conversion of dwellinghouse into 4 flats
Mr E Bundred

deadline for comment: 28/03/2008

full details on the Council website

Be a Star!

Breastfeeding images are usually so uninspiring to me - we never seemed to move on since the Virgin Mary (barring the very glam Jerry hall photo) so I was so excited to see this group of pictures created by a group of breastfeeding mothers in Lancashire. They buck all the 'rules' abut breastfeeding, right down to the unsuitable footware!! I love them!!!

See the rest of the pics

Changes in licensing for Boscombe

At the Licensing Meeting on Tuesday it was decided that parts of Boscombe and Springbourne will be included in the Cumulative impact zone. This means that to get a license, business owners will need to show that their activities will not contribute negatively to the local area.
From 25th March deliveries will commence of the green bin to all those residents who have requested one.
Stickers for the bins and leaflets will go out to all registered addresses.
Agripa panels are being designed and will be on the trucks ready for the launch.( green)
The rounds are being finalised and collection calendars will go to print next week.
Some 11000 people have registered for the scheme with 3600 for the bags

I was checking the Dragons Den Application form the other day and noticed that they ask for permission to carry out a full CRB check on applicants.

Nacro, the charity for ex - offenders publishes a report a couple of years ago called: Getting Disclosures Right: A review of the use and misuse of criminal record disclosures – which highlights how, under the current system, people who are not a risk to children or vulnerable adults are being refused employment, suspended and dismissed on the basis of wholly irrelevant cautions or convictions.

There are strict rules about the use of CRB checks, laid out in the rehabilitation of offenders act, but there are numerous examples of its misuse nationally but also locally, and if you see this happening you can complain to CRB who have the power to take away the ability to undertake the CRB checks. here is the BBC example:

I have complained to the BBC and await the reply.

Planning application - deadline 22-Mar-08


577 Christchurch Road (old Lloyds Bank, corner of Sea Road)
Formation of a self contained flat
European Equities

deadline for comment: 22/03/2008

full details on the Council website