A walk to coy pond

We walked to Coy pond tody, we were just looking at the fish and the ducks when Isaac suddenly took the keys out of the pushchair and threw them in the pond! Dominic ten had to paddle in the cold pond to try to retrieve them with a stick, he got the main ones, but Tradegy his Dolce and Gabbana key ring bling is lost forever.

Conservative conference

We are the lucky hosts of the Conservative party in Bournemouth this week, I went into town today, It is fascinating how the "young Conservatives" are so steriotypical, 19 year olds with receding hairlines, I walked past the Climate Clinic which was set up at the hotel opposite. They has employed unlikely looking eyebrow pierced types to make them look credible, but it all looked sadly synical to me. They had an electric car with tandem bikes printed all over it - hey driving a car with bike pictures on it is just so far off the mark. Finally we waled past the chip shop - packed out with big bellied lanyard wearing sorts, asserting their right to choose to eat slimey food.....
I went into JJB sports today, what a place! there are so many enormous "sports shirts" mostly football they look so nice stretched over a big fat beer gut. Whilst waiting for the lift in the highly sporty darts and snooker section I noticed that these top sports stars have a high tendency to sport a wonky half mouth smile. Dominic sugested that it might be where they have had to remove a B&H for the photoshoot?

No longer a non exec on the Primary Care Trust

1st October is the day that Bournemouth and Poole PCT's merge together. I think that this was a good idea, But it has seen me out of a little job as a non executive director:-( I have however had a good insight over the last 18 months of how the organisation works, which will be more usefull than being in there as you cant criticise when you'r part of the 'team'