New Cabinet for Bournemouth

Tonight (Monday 19th July) Bournemouth Council confirmed Cllr Peter Charon as Council Leader.  Following his appointment, Cllr Charon announced his Cabinet Members and their portfolios. 
With immediate effect, the Cabinet is made up of:
Cllr Peter Charon
Leader of the Council (also including Housing, Town Centre Vision and Economic Regeneration)
Cllr John Beesley *
Deputy Leader and Resources
Cllr Rod Cooper
Leisure and Tourism
Cllr Anne Filer *
Service Development and Corporate Efficiency
Cllr Michael Filer
Transport and Environment
Cllr Nicola Greene *
Education and Children’s Services
Cllr Ian Lancashire
Major Projects / Arts and Culture
Cllr Lynda Price
Adult Care and Social Services
Cllr David Smith *
Communities and Planning
* existing Cabinet Member
In accepting his leadership role, Cllr Charon set out his budget strategy, stating, “We are in uncertain times.  The current economic climate is challenging, and the Council will need to find additional budget savings.”  Cllr Charon announced that Cabinet will be made up of nine members rather than the previous 10.  He also announced a 5% reduction in Special Responsibility Allowance, paid to all members of the Cabinet.  These two measures save the Council around £17,300 a year. Added to this, Cllr Charon gave a clear indication that the Council will do all it can to avoid any rise in Council Tax next year, saying “I cannot imagine that we would not want to take advantage of Central Government’s proposed council tax freeze.”
In appointing his Cabinet, Cllr Charon announced that no members of his Cabinet will serve on the Planning Board.  This follows recent recommendations regarding neighbouring Poole Council, and an on-going investigation regarding Cllr Beesley, who has already stood down from Planning Board.  Consequently, following the next meeting of the Planning Board in August, Cllrs Lancashire, Price and David Smith will stand down in order to concentrate on their Cabinet duties.
Cllr Charon made reference to the Code of Conduct investigation currently underway in respect of Cllr John Beesley.  Whilst the independent investigation has not yet concluded, Cllr Charon stated, “When the investigation is complete, Cllr Beesley will consider the outcome and behave accordingly.”  He stated that “I have not seen a single shred of evidence, of any kind, which would suggest that Cllr Beesley is dishonest or corrupt in any way.  What I have seen and heard however, is that he is the hardest working member of this Council by a country mile.”


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