Negativity from some Councillors over wind farm

I wrote last week about the new wind farm which will be built off the coast which I think is very exciting, and yesterday there was a report in the Echo about negativity from some of the Conservative Poole Councillors at the launch event. It is true. I felt quite angry at some of the comments. 

One was that all of these new jobs will be a burden on the area and the infrastructure. I think most young people will be glad to have something other than Finance and the Tourist industry  to employ them! 

Another comment was that there may be unforseen consequences - that the turbines may produce a mist. Where is this sort of questioning when we are looking ar the unforseen conseqences of carrying on with our current energy production, or looking at new idea's like Nuclear?!! ( whatever your views on Nuclear, there is a lot more scope for unforseen consequences!!) 

Consequences of our dependence on oil are not even particuarly unforseen. We all know what happens when there is an Oil spill:

And we all must take responsibility because we are all dependent on oil. 

We all have to get fully behind renewable energy and support this brilliant opportunity for our area. It is a chance for young people to gain skills for the future that will be needed all over the world. 


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