Negativity from some Councillors over wind farm

I wrote last week about the new wind farm which will be built off the coast which I think is very exciting, and yesterday there was a report in the Echo about negativity from some of the Conservative Poole Councillors at the launch event. It is true. I felt quite angry at some of the comments. 

One was that all of these new jobs will be a burden on the area and the infrastructure. I think most young people will be glad to have something other than Finance and the Tourist industry  to employ them! 

Another comment was that there may be unforseen consequences - that the turbines may produce a mist. Where is this sort of questioning when we are looking ar the unforseen conseqences of carrying on with our current energy production, or looking at new idea's like Nuclear?!! ( whatever your views on Nuclear, there is a lot more scope for unforseen consequences!!) 

Consequences of our dependence on oil are not even particuarly unforseen. We all know what happens when there is an Oil spill:

And we all must take responsibility because we are all dependent on oil. 

We all have to get fully behind renewable energy and support this brilliant opportunity for our area. It is a chance for young people to gain skills for the future that will be needed all over the world. 

I hadn't quite realised how brilliant the windfarm planned off our coast was going to be! I went along to a presentation today by the company who have won the contract to construct it and was really pleased. The company is called Eneco. Greenpeace say they are the greenest energy company, there is a good start!

There are 9 sites all over the UK, all offshore and the total cost of the whole project is about 100 Billion.

That money will be spent in all sorts of ways but there is a definite benefit for our local economy. there will be a need for engineers at all stages, (there are already people out there surveying etc), then there will be people needed in the construction phase and in the long term jobs in maintainance of the turbines (a life cycle of 50 years).

A very positive outcome of this activity will be that young people will have a very real and inspirational project to attract them into engineering, with good jobs as a reward in a developing and very much growing sector.

Other people working on the construction will be in the area for the next few years (construction is expected to be finished in 2018) This will mean that local hotels and holiday lets will benefit.

The experience of other areas had found that wind farms increase tourism - people like to go to see the turbines on boats and the turbines also help with sealife (living on the turbines under the sea level) and fishing.

Two local ports will need to be refurbished ready for all of this work and the company will be looking from Plymouth to Porstmouth for suitable sites, and local companies will be able to bid for their part of the action.

And that is all before we get to the main point...
The turbines will give enough clean energy for 60,000 homes!

To find out more and to put forward your ideas for a name of our windfarm (It is currently called zone 7 west of Isle of Wight)
Soap Airbrushin AKA Adam is based in the basement of shoot gallery in Pokesdown. Adam is fabulously talented as you can see in this video. Adam lent me this piece for a few days and I had to explain to everyone that it was not a photograph! Adam is able to produce very large scale peices so the 400m 2 wall should not be a problem!!! Congratulations Adam

Local residents are asked to share their views on how Bournemouth Borough Council should be run.

Public consultation starts today - 1 June 2010 - when local people will be asked to give their views on two proposed options for Council leadership.

Bournemouth Council must choose either to have a Leader and Cabinet or a Directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet by May 2011, after the local elections.

The consultation is required following the introduction of a new law.  The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 gives two options on how the Council can be run in Bournemouth.

Joy Postings, Service Director for Law and Governance said: “It’s important that we consult with local people on their views about council leadership and that they are fully informed and understand the options.”

Residents are asked to feedback their views by writing to:

The Democratic Service Manager
Bournemouth Borough Council
Town Hall
Bourne Avenue

For further information:

Consultation ends on 31 August 2010. All feedback will be considered by Cabinet in November and a final decision made by Full Council in December 2010.


For further information please contact 01202 454668.

Notes to editor:

Option A – Leader and Cabinet
Full Council elects the Leader to serve for four years – compared to one year at present. The Leader can then appoint between two and nine councillors to form a Cabinet.

Option B – Directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet
The Mayor is elected by voters in the town to serve for four years. The Mayor is not a Councillor therefore he/she will work full-time as a Mayor. The Mayor can appoint between four and nine Councillors to form a Cabinet.
An elected Mayor is different to the ceremonial Mayor.