Brothels.. as many new problems as solutions?

India Knight says in her article We only care about hookers when a monster strike in the Times today that

Murders are seldom sadder than when they are preventable. Blamires, Rushworth and Armitage might be alive today if they had worked in a big, clean, state-sanctioned brothel, with two giant bouncers on the door, panic buttons in the rooms and an in-house programme that weaned women off the class As.
Wouldn't it be great if it was all that easy... Sadly it is much more complex...Nearly all street prostitutes are funding a drug habit - that is why they are doing it.  Many of them are also funding the habit of a partner or pimp and many are coerced in some way if not only by their drug addiction. 

So put yourself in the shoes of a woman who is a street prostitute. If brothels were legalised what difference would that make to you? Why on earth would you sign up to ths new 'job'.

Street prostitutes live very chaotic lives, many are also homeless, what would these brothels offer to entice street prostitutes to use them? 

A roof over their head? Some might welcome the free housing as a way out, but would it be taken away if they stopped prostituting themselves? Will the women who are here illegally be entitled to a place in one of these brothels?

Safety? provided by who, if not the dodgy gang? The state? and what if she wants to refuse a customer like she can on the street? does she get a choice? How much of the money she charges will have to be given to the brothel owner? and if this is the state where will that money go?

Many people say that the women in legalise brothels could be tested for STD's and drug use. so where would those who could not work in a brothel then go to work - back to the street?

A bit more thinking needed here I think


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