Reef study

I have not seen the report on the surf reef so I am in the dark about the expert view!  However, I don't think we need to see it to know what local people want. Most of the surfers I have spoken to have said that it does create a wave, but it is too fast for the stand up surfers, more popular with body borders. They also say that with some adjustments the reef could be made more effective, so they are keen that the 150k is not handed over without this being done, either by ASR or a UK based company.

We wait and see. I expect I will read news of the report in the echo rather than in my role as a councillor as despite numerous requests I am never kept informed!


Simon Humby said...

Lisa you need to go down there and see for yourself - on the v.rare days when there is surfable waves on the reef there's better surf around the pier. And at a spring tide when the reef is exposed you can see that it has gone all bumpy - was that part of the design or is the whole thing getting washed away?

Lisa said...

I'm down there a couple of times a week! Why would you think I haven't been to look at it?!
I'm no expert on surfing - I have to go by what the surfers down there tell me, I don't know if it was part of the design or if it has changed since installation. some change after installation was expected, and is part of the way it was supposed to settle in.

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