Who voted to build the Imax?

Copied from a comment on Bournemouth Echo Website:

Every time this topic is mentioned, the same words get repeated. Yes the Liberal Democrats were running the council, but they, the Conservatives, Labour, the Independents and the Daily Echo all supported the proposed wet weather facility.

The actual votes were:

FOR the Imax
Liberal Democrats (9), Messrs Fudge, Millward, Wall, Mantock, Brandwood, R Smith, Carlile, Mrs Morrell-Cross, Mrs Littlewood.
Conservatives (8), Messrs Chapman, Baldwin, Macloughlin, Stanley-Watts, Everingham,Chappell Cutler and Carey
Labour (1), Mr Taylor.
Independents (2), Mr Whittaker, Mrs Rey.

Against the IMAX.
Conservatives (2), Mr Clutterbuck, Mrs P Harris

Conservative, Mr Clarke.
Liberal Democrat, Mrs Moore.


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