How would you improve Boscombe?

I have been asked about how the local improvement fund works after a report in the Echo regarding financial support for a group reported as being from Cllr Wakefield's local improvement fund. To clarify, the fund is actually for the Boscombe West Ward and is only spent where the 3 councillors for a ward agree together to allocate funds for a project.

If there is something in your area which needs sorting out and is a relatively low cost to fix, the Local Improvement Fund can be used for a quick fix. This should be something that benefits the whole community. A good example of a use of the funds in southbourne recently - An area had a problem with speeding cars, and the fund was used to produce speed limit stickers for all of the wheelie bins in the area.

If you have a niggling problem that you feel has a quick and simple solution please get in touch!


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