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St Johns Preschool

Following the parish council meeting at St johns this week we are over he moon to hear that the preschool will stay open for another year to enable the children already attending to continue at the school with their friends. Many of the parents join me in expressing their gratitude to the church.

Parents at St Johns Preschool were given notice that the school will close at the end of the summer term. click on the image above to sign the petition and to find out more abut the school.)

Time to get Equal

I have just signed up to the  'Time to get equal' Pledge, 

In a poll on the Time to Get Equal website, over 70% of voters said they have witnessed disablism (discrimination against disabled people). You can help. For example, if you hear someone in a shop or restaurant talking to a disabled person in a patronising or unpleasant way, fill in a comment card to let them know what you think of their service. The next time you come across a website that has no accessibility options, why not send an email to the company and ask why access is not important to them? 
Scope are urging people to get in touch with their local council if they witness discrimination, I would welcome comments about the local area.

Big Green Fortnight!

does your area need a spring clean?

Through the community payback scheme, we can have area's in Bournemouth cleaned up. either as a one of blitz, or in some cases on a regular basis. I have already suggested Roumelia lane, if you have an area that you would like me to put forward please send me details (a photo would help to make the case!).

Photo: Roumelia lane on a pretty good day!
Your big bin - the one for recycling is an excellent service and has increased recycling rates significantly accross Bournemouth, but what happens when your bin is not emptied because it is contaminated?

When a recycling bin is left unemptied, this leaves the resident with less capacity to dispose of their rubbish and an unsightly mess can quickly build up.

Contaminated bins cannot go through the recyling process and will not be taken by the recycling colection. Many residents ask why contaminated items cannot be removed when the waste is being sorted, this is due to the level of contamination and types of recyclable materials that the contractor who deals with the waste has agreed to accept for the amount of our council tax which we pay for the service.  We need to ensure that we do not send waste that is contaminated above this level. This is also the reason that not all materials which are technically recyclable can be put into our big bins.

If your bin has been contaminated then it will not be emptied and should have a yellow sticker on the lid. This may not be your fault as somebody else might have put some litter into the bin, or you may share your bins with others who use it wrongly (such as in flats). It may also be the case that you have put something into the bin which has 'recyclable " on the packaging, but is not on the list of recyclable waste that is processed by the contractor.

The number to call if your bin is contaminated is
01202 451199, and an officer will talk to you to identify the problem and to arrange for your bin to be taken to landfill along with the contents of your small bin on the next bin day.

Contaminated bins can also cause a problem for you if it is your neighbours bin which is left unemptied, bins can end up overflowing on the street making the neighbourhood look undidy. 

If this is the case you can still call the number to report the bin left undealt with and to ensure it is taken away and does not lead to a build up of waste on the street. A manager will get in touch with your neighbour to resolve the problem, they can explain how the bin should be used and supply the information in a number of languages. If the problem is because of a high turnover of tenants in rented flats, the landlord can be contacted to ensure that new tenants understand the procedure, and ultimately if there is an ongoing problem, the bin can be removed. 

If you have a problem with contaminated bins that is not resolved through these processes please get in touch

In a bid to reduce traffic delays and maintain road safety for everyone on a busy route in Bournemouth, improvement works will get underway next week (5 May 2009) at Christchurch Road, Boscombe.

The following improvement works will be completed by the end of September:

• New traffic signals and crossing facilities installed at Boscombe Spa Road
• Widening of Christchurch Road opposite Boscombe Gardens to make way for new cycle lanes and bus lay-bys. Advance works on the land are already underway to make way for the scheme, which will provide better facilities for both cyclists and pedestrians.
• An upgrade to provide controlled crossing facilities at Manor Road/ Knyveton Road, and
• Essential maintenance work to the carriageway itself.

Mike Holmes, Service Director for Planning & Transport said; “This project has been specifically designed to reduce accidents and traffic delays on one of Boscombe’s heavily used roads, serving both the local community as well as commuters. All road users, whether on foot, driving or cycling will benefit from the finished outcome. I would like to reassure commuters and residents that we will be making it a priority to maintain two-way traffic flow during peak periods so that disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.

“Improving our Environment is a top priority for this Council and these improvement works cover a range of areas, from road safety and better traffic flow, to sustainable travel. We are constantly looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, with travel being a key issue. There are parts of this project which in the long term will make it easier for those who would like to go green in their travel to do so by benefiting from the new cycle lanes and bus lay-bys.”
Boscombe traders launch their very own loyalty card on Saturday. The card is free and customers can collect stamps until their card is filled to be entered into a prize draw. Come along to to launch on Saturday and help Boscombe to survive the credit crunch!

The Boscombe Traders site lists shops where you can collect stamps.