Westby Road Hostel

There was a planning application in February to open a hostel in Westby Rd. There was overwhelming local objection to this.

The local Drug and alcohol action team have a long standing commitment not to provide services in Boscombe due to the overwhelming number of services already here. The Council has also committed to not funding services within this area in recognition that we need a balanced community.

There is nothing in the district wide plan to stop the saturation of these services in the ward, which is one of the most deprived in the country. This may take a considerable amount of time to rectify.

BCHA have withdrawn their application but indicate that they would still consider a similar application in the area. Here is the response I received:

'To advise that our partner organisation Bournemouth Vineyard Church have not been able to secure the funding they had anticipated to commit to the project. This is in the main due to the current financial climate. As a result we have today advised the planning team at Bournemouth Borough Council to withdraw our planning application. Our solicitors will be in contact with the vendors agent shortly.

'I would point out that whilst BCHA were aware of local perception about such a scheme, we will continue to pursue any similar opportunities to help the most vulnerable in society rebuild their lives and regain their independence within the local community in which they live.'


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