You are invited to meet your local MEP


You are invited to meet your local MEP


He will be at Bournemouth Adult Learning Centre, Slades Farm on Friday 20th February

7pm for a 7.30 start, Refreshments available. Free entry.

He will speak about the European initiative on a proposed new SUPERGRID, using high voltage direct current (HVDC), to bring together all the various renewable energy resources within Europe.

He will take this opportunity to launch his new booklet:


Graham will be encouraging us all to engage with the EU in a positive way and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

Please come along to what will be a very interesting meeting.

Planning applications - deadline 26 February


637-641 Christchurch Road
Erection of entrance gates, fencing, cycle parking, highway works including landscaping
Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd

Deadline for comment: 01/03/2009
full details on the Council website


518 Christchurch Road
Alterations, change of use of premises from Internet Cafe (Class A1) to Hot Food Takeaway (Class A5) and extract ducting
Mr R Walsh

Deadline for comment: 28/02/2009
full details on the Council website


98-100 Palmerston Road
Amendment to approved applications ref: 7-2006-12745-F and 7/2006/12745/E so to authorise bin and cycle store facilities and boundary screening provisions
Network Developments

Deadline for comment: 26/02/2009
full details on the Council website
I am looking forward to the Sustainable Environment Overview Panel tomorrow as there is an item on the agenda which I asked to be looked at nearly 2 years ago! The issue is Bulky household waste. If you have a suitable car you can get rid of bulky household waste easily at the Millhams rd facility, in fact if you live nearer Christcurch you can make use of theirs instead. Use of the tip for those with a car is pretty much unlimited. Lots of people go every month. However if you do not have a car what can you do? The council offer a collection service but it costs £39.77 for up to 3 items.

In Boscombe, through Neighbourhood Management funding there has been a free service in previous years. Though still in place it is only for a few roads now ( and available to those on certain benefits in a slightly larger area) . This gives 2 collections of 3 up to 3 items per year, Then you are back to the 39.77 again...

Te report for scrutiny looks at other area's,
West Dorset - 1-3 items £15 then £6 for each additional item
East Dorset - 24 for 1 item 29 for 2 items 34 for 3 items 44 for 5 items more than 5 items up to a lorry load is £49
Christchurch full load only (transit van) 5-10 items £40
New Forest1-6 items £25
Southampton - 10 items £25

these are all nearby and dont make us look too extortionate - though we are still the most expensive at 39.77 for 3 items

Looking further afield however, and at similar sized towns I picked these at random...

Hastings £15 for 3 items
Bristol £15 for 3 items - free twice a year if on benefits
Norwich£15 for 3 items
Walsall 12.50 for 3 items

I am starting to see a pattern!

So thats why I am looking forward to the meeting, to ask why we have the most expensive bulky household waste collection service I can find, and to call for us to bring in a reasonable charge of £15 for 3 items and a service that brings some equality to those without access to a car!
Due to the severe weather which has caused access problems for our vehicles and unsafe conditions, refuse and recycling collections will not take place in Bournemouth today.

Current weather reports suggest that the adverse conditions will improve towards the end of the week and, weather permitting, arrangements will be put in place to collect two weeks refuse and recycling next Tuesday 10 February. Residents are asked to leave out their refuse and recycling on this date for collection.

Councillor Robert Lawton, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport said: “We have been forced to suspend all our waste collections because of the bad weather and safety concerns. We are advising residents to take in their refuse and leave out their wheelie bins next Tuesday when they will be collected, weather permitting. We have made this decision on safety grounds due to the icy conditions and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank residents for their patience.”