Christchurch Road - bus lane

The Council will shortly be working on a new section of bus lane on Christchurch Road. The new lane will on the eastbound lane approaching the Manor Road/Knyveton Road junction - the junction just before Boscombe Gardens.

The works will be between Derby Road and Knyveton Road for about two weeks from 1st December.

This improvement was identified by bus companies as a key way to improve the reliability of bus services on Christchurch Road.

Wayne Hemingway

Wayne said: "This woman (Lisa) puts you all to shame. You should be following her lead. You don't normally get a councillor who wears platform shoes and looks like that. I bet most of the council think you're (Lisa) a bit barmy."

Drugs in Boscombe

One of the hottest issues in Boscombe is drug related crime, the effect on the community, and issues around rehab clinics. This week I went along to see the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) to find out more about what they are doing about issues affecting Boscombe West.

The DAAT is a partnership between the several organisations including Health, the Police and the Council.

They recognise the problems caused to residents in Boscombe and highlighted a few of the things they have put in place over the past few years to ease the impact on Boscombe residents.

There is an agreement not to allow any more drug rehab centres in Boscombe, and the closure and movement of two centres means the number of centres has dropped from four to two.

Another issue is that other councils send people to Boscombe for rehab. This can't be stopped directly, but efforts are made to try and fill all the places with local people who need the treatment.

The team is firm in encouraging people to return to their home town, offering travel tickets where needed.

I would be interested to hear views from residents affected by this.

Safety in St Clement's Churchyard

I am organising £350 from the Boscombe West ward fund to fix the lighting in St Clement's church yard.

The church called shortly after the stabbing opposite the church, saying they didn't have the money to fix the lights. Its an obvious way to help people's concerns about security locally.

The fund is there for Councillors to get small things like this done quickly, and it just took a call to Councillor Chris to get agreement to use the ward money.

Remembrance Day

A touching ceremony this morning at the cenotaph.

Caught up in our modern lives, which are so different, it is hard to relate to what those who lost their lives gave up.

Something that brought it home to me was when I found out that the lady who I brought my house from lost her brother in the war.

He was just 19. We bought the house when his sister was in her eighties.

A teenager lived in my house, using the rooms I use, slept in the rooms I sleep in, and ate in the same kitchen. I find it a sobering thought that he was called up, went to war, and lost his life.

A life that should have lasted, like his sisters, into his eighties.
I visited St Pauls Night shelter this week to see what services they offer to the homeless in Bournemouth.

I was invited into their day room, where I met some of the people that use the centre. The staff were very patient assisting with lots of issues whilst i was there.

The shelter provides hot meals, use of a computer, showers, toilets and washing machines. The centre is very calm, relaxed and friendly.

Upstairs the Night shelter operates in the evenings, where rooms are available for a cost of £2.50.

The rooms are a lot better than many of the bedsits locally! The people who use the service are often living chaotic lifestyles and many have drug problems so there is an emphasis on harm reduction, giving people information on staying safe.