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Conference Photo's

Nick Clegg's campaign to knock on a million doors

The campaign to knock on a million doors is launched tomorrow at the Bournemouth conference, but we got in early in Boscombe West! A tem of 18 Lib Dems spent the evening with the aim to knock on 700 doors. It was great to meet loads of residents and we all enjoyed talking to local people and hearing their issues. If we missed you and you have an issue you want to discuss - or want to get involved, you can get in touch with me on lisa.northover@bournemouth-libdems.org or on 07515 355 982.

I was thinking about sitting outside Boscanova in the sun to have lunch today - then literally a few moments later the sky went black and we had torrential rain. By the time I finished my cup of tea the precinct had flooded!
Though this was particularly bad weather, issues with the gulleys and drainage have been bought up before with me by Steve, the Chairman of the Boscombe Traders.I have requested from the cabinet member that we pursue the plans for refurbishment of the precinct as discussed at the Boscombe area forum and the traders meetings last year.