BCCA Update

Subject: Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)

Date: 16th July 2008

This briefing note provides an up date on the re-development of the BCCA site.

Officers are working with Raglan Housing Association for the re-development of the site to provide a new day centre, community facilities and affordable housing. Plans are still in the early stages and consultation is being undertaken with the day centre managers and staff.  The views of the Head of Transport and Planning have also been sought. Further consultation with ward members, service users and the wider community will take place once more detail on the proposal is available.         

An Asbestos Survey has been undertaken and a safety co-ordinator (CDM Co-ordinator) has been appointed to supervise the demolition works. Tender documentation is expected to be sent out next week. The Council has received funded support from eThree via the LIFT South West Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership to complete the tender for the demolition contract with an e-auction

English Heritage has assessed the buildings for listing and their report has been submitted to the Secretary of State, a decision is expected later this month.

The planning application for the temporary car park  has been withdrawn in response to local opposition and possible temporary uses will be reconsidered following the demolition of the buildings  (assuming that English Heritage do not support its listing). 


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