Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)


Subject: Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)

Date: 27th November 2007

This briefing note sets out the progress to date on the re-development of the BCCA site following the Cabinet decision on the 10th October

Centre for Independent Living (CIL)

Officers from Property Services, Adult & Community Support, and Community Care Services have met with Disability Wessex and Age Concern to explore their proposal for a Centre for Independent Living. It is unlikely that a CIL will be included in the re-development of the BCCA site for the following reasons:-

Their vision of a CIL does not match the Officers vision of what this facility should provide. It appeared that the premises would be the Head Quarters for Disability Wessex and Age Concern Bournemouth since there was a high-level of office accommodation and only 30% of the total space was for use by clients. Of this, some 70m2 was to be a café, which appeared to perform a joint function as meeting place and revenue earner. Officers have expressed concern about the café’s financial viability.

Lack of synergy between the proposed Council services to be run from this site, which would be for clients with mental illness, physical disabilities and learning difficulties, and those provided by Age Concern, whose clients are older people.

The proposed CIL requires circa 590m2 of floor space. It will be difficult to accommodate development of this size on the site without significantly affecting the number of affordable flats or the day centre provision.

At the meeting the opportunity for sharing facilities was discussed, e.g. CIL use outside office hours, but this was dismissed since the CIL would operate at the same times as the Day Centre.

Their financial appraisal allocates only £124,000 for start up capital costs which is to be funded by grants, loans and appeals. There are concerns that they would not be able to fund a new build centre estimated to be in the order of £1million.

Officers recognise that changes in the delivery of day care services means that a “traditional” day centre will not fully meet the needs and expectation of its clients in the future. It is envisaged that in the future the Council will be working closer with organisations such as Disability Wessex to create services that are user-led in order to promote greater choice and independence for disabled people. It is therefore important that when replacing The Boscombe Centre and Darracott Day Centre to the BCCA site that a flexible multi use building is developed, which is capable of evolving as service requirements dictate. Officers will be working on a brief for a new “Boscombe Centre for Community Living”.

Demolition of the BCCA buildings

The demolition and site clearance is estimated at approximately £170,000. It is with Members to decide whether this will be funded in the Capital Programme for 2008-2011.

Next Stages

Further consultation with the tenants of 70 Gladstone Road – November/December 2007.

Progress capital bid and risk management support application for possible demolition and site clearance works.

Housing Associations to submit their proposal for the site – February 2008.

Consultation with ward members on the proposals – February 2008 

Selection of preferred Housing Association partner – March 2008.


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