Fairtrade Fortnight

Its fairtrade fortnight, and its time for Nestle to show off their "Fairtrade partners blend coffee" . Its time for us to point out that this product represents a tiny fraction the coffee that Nestle sells, Here is what Mike Baily, Campaign Director at Baby Milk Action says about the product in his blog:

"Are we to believe Nestlé has been converted and will soon be buying all of its coffee through the Fairtrade scheme, or even 5% of its coffee? I think not, as it can run mass advertising campaigns having been given the mark for buying just 0.02%. My experience tells me that Nestlé has all it needs for its PR purposes so expect little more. Any improvement in the lot of the 3 million farmers outside the scheme will only come through concerted campaigning - or regulatory systems. Some of those who are more experienced about Fairtrade than I think differently, of course, at least in the UK. Some organisations, such as the Italian Fairtrade organisation opposed giving the award."

Hear more about Nestle at http://boycottnestle.blogspot.com/


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