climbing - good for the soul

naughty boy on the sovereign centre car park in boscombe!

Isn't she great?

What dya recon Julie and Steve?


My Mum opened her new business, with her business partner Jolanta today, It is a beauty salon in Winton, near to where the new Sainsburys is being built. The salon has been newly fitted out, with two treatment rooms, where they will offer a range of treatments. loads of things that I didn't even know you'r meant to worry about: Eyebrows, brazillians, eyelashes, nail art, back waxing, there is always something more you can do to make yourself more beautiful!

More from International Women's day

Here are the Capoeira dancers at the Women's Day event! theres my mum in the middle too !

On continuing her career as a barrister once she was a mother, "It probably helped that it happned at the same time as Tony became an MP. His hours were a bit more flexible than when he was a lawyer, so he could help out more at home."

Our International Women's day event was yesterday and went fantastically well, Kings Park School hall was packed with people and information stalls, & there was dancing from all over the world (except english - we didn't fancy getting our morris stick and bells out!) Here is my friend with her baby tied onto her back.

Barnaby Bear

One of the mums from school asked me today if I went to a protest against Twyford Down. It threw me a bit, as it must have been 17 years ago - I think I was 13 or 14. It turns out that some news footage from the time was used on a barnaby bear programme! Strange!

Roumelia Lane

I spent quite a bit of time today in roumelia lane - a service lane in boscombe, behind Iceland. A few years ago Dave Wells started to build some small business/retail units which have flats above. The idea is that you can have a business and live over it. It has taken some time to get going, but I have felt a real difference recently, We have the healthy living shop, where the food co-op is based, The tenants union are nearly ready for their opening day,and the scene all tied up with some real Italian hospitality at Ruperts cafe.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Its fairtrade fortnight, and its time for Nestle to show off their "Fairtrade partners blend coffee" . Its time for us to point out that this product represents a tiny fraction the coffee that Nestle sells, Here is what Mike Baily, Campaign Director at Baby Milk Action says about the product in his blog:

"Are we to believe Nestlé has been converted and will soon be buying all of its coffee through the Fairtrade scheme, or even 5% of its coffee? I think not, as it can run mass advertising campaigns having been given the mark for buying just 0.02%. My experience tells me that Nestlé has all it needs for its PR purposes so expect little more. Any improvement in the lot of the 3 million farmers outside the scheme will only come through concerted campaigning - or regulatory systems. Some of those who are more experienced about Fairtrade than I think differently, of course, at least in the UK. Some organisations, such as the Italian Fairtrade organisation opposed giving the award."

Hear more about Nestle at

Teanants Union

The new Teanants Union shop is opening on the 8th March, I popped it today to see the members in their shop today, they have started work on a Boscombe Green Map which will show Boscombe from a green perspective. The shop will open on the 8th March and will offer its members Information and support on teanancy issues. (membership is open to all who pay rent for their housing and costs £2.

I went to London yesterday, and we had a little spare time to go to see the Gilbert and George exhibition!
Then Julie wanted to go on the Carsten Höller slide it was so scary that I couldnt even go near it. I did go on the little slide from the first floor though. So - Julie went on her own down the big slide, with a big scream, which made me know I had done the right thing!

The surf reef at boscombe is coming soon, I found this on you tube - a small version!